• D1501-A/B/D/P 13.6VDC 1A single indication PSU
  • D1502-A/B/D/P 13.6VDC 2A single indication PSU
  • D1503-A/B/D/P 13.6VDC 3A single indication PSU
  • D1503-X8-B 13.6VDC 3A single indication PSUs + 8 channel output splitter
  • D1505-A/B/C/P 13.6VDC 5A single indication PSU
  • D2405-A/B/C/P 24VDC 5A single indication PSU without battery charging capability
  • D2475-A/B/C/P 24VDC 5A PSU with remote switching, fault output but without battery charging capability

Since its inception in 2004, Dycon has continued to develop new power supply products and phase out older units, this section provides copies of manuals and information on these obsolete products

Dycon Power Solutions has seen a marked increase in the demand for its advanced, multi-indicator units which provide the customer with better information regarding the operation of the PSU and, in turn, his system.  Accordingly, we have ceased production of our basic D1500-range of single indicator power supplies to concentrate more on added-value power supplies which offer better information to users, improving the overall reliability of their systems.

The D1500-range has been now replaced by the multi-indicator D1540-range which, in addition to the standard green ‘Mains ON’ LED, provides an orange LED which indicates when the mains power is off and the unit is operating on battery standby and a red LED which lights when the output is overloaded and the resettable fuse trips. This fuse can be reset by removing the short and re-applying power after a minute to allow the fuse to cool.

The D1540-range has an identical footprint to the old D1500 units and so can be used in most current products without the need for any alterations and, if you want to check the differences and benefits of the D1540-range,  you can download  a copy of the D1540-range manual form this site. The manuals for the D1500-range will remain available on this site and full product support within the standard warranty period will still be provided.

The D2405-range of 24VDC 5A units have also been withdrawn in favour of the D2412 and D2413 versions which also have battery charging capability.Likewise, the D2475-range has  been replaced by the D2445-B/C which alosonow offers battery-charging.