Quick guide to Dycon Power Solutions products

D1410 12Vdc selectable 10A / 10 x 1A wall-mounted High-Power, NO battery charging

D1460-P Advanced Technology, 10A Switched-Mode Power Supply Module with 9 Programmable, Switched 1A Outputs

D1503 13.8Vdc 3A extra-low-emission, advanced SM technology, WITH battery charging

D1541/2/3/5 13.6Vdc (1A, 2A, 3A & 5A) Multi Indicator, WITH battery charging

D1551/3/5 13.8Vdc (1A, 3A & 5A) ‘Smart’ PSUs with remote output ON/OF switching, fault outputs and WITH battery charging

D1565 12-15Vdc 5A constant voltage output, advanced SM technology PSU, WITH battery charging

D1573/5 12Vdc (3A & 5A) single indication, with remote output ON/OF switching, NO battery charging

D1800-P34/SP12/SP24 Single-port, Mid-Span, PoE-Plus injectors, 48Vdc 35W per channel, NO battery charging

D1804/8/12/16 48Vdc, Mid-span, PoE PSUs, 4-16 channel versions, 35W per channel, NO battery charging

D2904 27Vac 4A, 4 x 1A or 1 x 4A fused outputs, NO battery charging

DR-60-12 & DR-60-24 Integrated DIN-Rail Power Supply units

HS-600 series, single output switching, high power supply module data sheet