Dycon offers a unique power supply redundancy option to keep security systems working

With the increase in the deployment of critical security infrastructure systems and the need to ensure that these functions at all times, Dycon Power Solutions has introduced a unique, simple but effective way of providing this from two conventional power supply units (PSUs)

Dycons Power Solutions' new D2500 Dual-Redundancy module can be quickly installed, or retro-fitted, to two of the company's standard 12Vdc or 24Vdc 1A to 5A ranges. In the event of one PSU and its back up batteries failing, the second, always the 'hot-on-line', takes over seemlessly and with no manual intervention required. This module can be fitted by a standard installation or service engineer, requires no special cabling or extra batteries and does not need any additional programming or controls. Operation is automatic once the connections between the two units has been made.


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