• 3rd party Certalarm certified to EN54-2 and EN54-4 by Intertek UK
  • The first fire system PSUs to feature NGI ™(Next Generation Intelligence)
  • First units to actively monitor battery impedence rather than just voltage, a method recommended by the UK Fire Industry Association.
  • Features a unique Service Engineers data logger to download operational data from units and more accurate set-up up
  • System's inteligence determines where power is needed most; if the batteries are low and need more charge but the the system current draw is low, it will divert more power to charging and vice versa.
  • Options for 2 x 7AH batteries or 2 x 17Ah versions

A range of 24VDC 1.5A, 3A and 5A power supply units featuring NGI™ technology

A radical new way to look at power supplies....

The UK Fire Industry Association (FIA) recently issued an important statement concerning the problem of accurate monitoring of fire alarm system batteries highlighting that:- Battery Voltage Reading ‘does not give a true indication of the health and condition of the battery; surface charge, temperature and age of the battery affect results’. *This document is © Fire Industry Association and can be downloaded from their web site using the following link http://www.fia.uk.com/resourceLibrary/guidance-lead-acid-batteries-in-fda-systems.html

We at Dycon agree with this which is why we created and developed NGI™ (Next Generation Intelligence) technology. NGI™ is offers a whole host of new features that radically improve the way that a fire system power supply should operate:-

  1. NGI™ measures battery impedance not simply voltage
  2. Actual Battery condition is measured and indicated
  3. Integral temperature sensor with auto-charge rate compensation
  4. Hand-held data logger displays real values to a service engineer
  5. Data logger provides accurate on-site calibration
  6. All data can be recorded and remotely accessed (available on Version 2)
  7. On-demand battery charging and load output current sharing
  8. All data can be recorded