• Designed to meet the requirements of EN50131-6, EN50131-1 and PD6662:2010 thse units provide a cost effective and energy-saving way to provide additional power for any Grade 2 or Grade 3 intruder alarm system
  • Dycon advanced switched-mode technology
  • Each 1A unit can save over 131KWh of electricity p.a. in operation
  • Self-resetting electronic fuses to reduce system downtime and engineer call out
  • Grade 3 versions have a unique 'Battery learn' feature that remember exactly how the system was configured at commissioning and can restore the system to those values after total powerd down

A range of 'smart' PSUs compliant with EN50131/PD6662 Grades 2 and 3

Grade 2 versions - 500mA, 1A, 2A and 3A

An EN compliant power supply rated at 1A that is able to provide 1A to the system even with flat batteries connected and the mains supply at its minimum rating. To achieve this, a 1A power supply could have an overall rating of up to 2.5A.

The batteries and electronic circuitry are protected against reverse-polarity connection by a self resetting electronic fuse. The batteries are also protected against deep discharge, which will be invoked when the battery terminal voltage has dropped to 10.5v.

Grade 3 Versions - 3A (2A+1A for battery-charging)

In addition to features mentioned above, these units have three voltage-free outputs that indicate: -

  • External Power Source (EPS) indicating AC power fault, PSU over-voltage fault, thermal shutdown or total power down.
  • Auxillary power source (APS) indicating battery not connected, battery load-test fault, battery voltage low or total power down
  • Power Supply Unit problem (PSU) indicating output voltage low or total power down

These outputs can be connected to an alarm system's control panel inputs so that they can displayed or signalled to a remote monitoring centre. 

Designed to meet the requirements of EN50131/PD6662:2012 Grade 3 intruder alarm systems, featuring the latest Surface-Mount technology, Dycon's D1532SM can also be used in Grade1, 2 and 2X systems where additional power is required to drive peripheral devices such as large sirens, external detectors, access control systems and door releases. It’s unique, advanced, power technology utilises the latest on-demand battery charging and dynamic load output current sharing (DLS) to ensure that the system’s battery is never over-stressed, thus prolonging its life and its ability to respond when needed. Additional battery health impedance checks, battery presence detection, deep discharge battery protection and battery over-voltage shutdown protection all go to ensure that a system functions always functions at an optimum level. The unit also has and integral data port to enable a Dycon D2330 Data Logger to be connected and provide a full history of the unit's performance since the last service visit.