• General-purpose VRLA batteries
  • Manufactured by Yucel
  • Output Capacities: 2.1Ah, 7Ah, 17Ah, 24Ah and 38Ah
  • EUROBAT Classification
  • Lead Calcium Grids for superior life
  • Absorbed Glass Mat construction with no free acid
  • Operation in any orientation (excluding continuous inverted use)

High quality, 12VDC VRLA (lead-acid) batteries are ideal for providing reliable standby power for any system.

This family of Yucel 12VDC VRLA rechargeable batteries from the renowned Yuasa Company has been selected by Dycon as it complements the advanced features of Dycon's extensive range of power supplies, features that include low voltage cut-off, to avoid battery deep discharge and, on the 'Intelligent' range, full battery impedance checks to give prior warning of impending battery problems. 

The range provides reliable standby power from 2.1Ah, 7Ah, 17Ah, & 24Ah for all intruder, access control, fire, CCTV and building management systems. The 24Ah versions are ideal for supplying the higher power needed for larger access control and EN50131 Grade 4 intruder systems. For 24VDC systems and usage, connect 2 x 12VDC versions together but please remember that the total current output is not twice that of a single battery but will be reduced by 50%.                        

 A simple one-stop-shop for all your power needs. To save time and having to source from different suppliers, Dycon can package and deliver any of its power supplies complete with a suitable battery from this range. All you need to do is select your power supply, decide which battery suits your needs, and then simply call or email Dycon Sales.