• Economic



    Our switch mode technology can save at least 194kWh of electricity p.a. for a 1A version

  • Reliable


    Outstanding stability, reduced heat output & longer lifespan

  • UK based

    UK based

    Over 30 years award-winning experience in global security markets

About Dycon

Dycon is the leading innovator and provider of advanced technology, low-voltage power supply products.

Back in 2004 we were one of the first companies to adopt switched-mode technology as we recognised that it provided a more reliable, more efficient- ‘Greener’ way of powering security, fire, CCTV and access control systems. Our products can help organisations reduce the overall carbon footprint of all their risk management systems. Dycon is proud of its reputation for outstanding product reliability which is why its power solutions are the first choice of major system integrators and government departments where 7/24/365 operation is critical to their security. fire and BMS operations.

Quick Guide To All Dycon Products

Our PSUs are ideal for

  • Newly released Dycon products

    Newly released products from Dycon Power Solutions

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  • All Dycon 12VDC -13.8VDC power supply units with or without standby battery charging capability

    Full Dycon range of 12VDC-13.8VDC power supplies with or without standby battery charging

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  • All Dycon 24VDC - 27.6VDC power supply units with or without standby battery charging capability

    Full Dycon range of 24VDC-27.6VDC power supplies with or without standby battery charging

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  • Power supplies -12, 24, 48VDC and 24VAC - suitable for General Purpose applications

    Dycon units can drive anything that requires 12/24/48VDC and can be supplied with or without battery charging capability. Using the most advanced switched-mode technology these units offer long-term, reliable operation and significant electricity savings.

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  • Power supplies suitable for access control systems

    Access systems rely on PSUs to drive readers and door releases, Dycon's units have additional filtering and electronic, self-resetting fuses to help reduce systems downtime. Many of the UK's top manufacturers specify Dycon for this reason!

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  • Power supplies suitable for Intruder alarm systems

    Dycon offer switched-mode units that conform to EN50131/PD6662:12 at Grades 2 and 3. As well as all the usual Dycon advantages, the Grade 3 version learns the battery configuration at installation and responds if any changes are made.

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  • Power supplies suitable for fire systems

    Dycon's D243X range offers 3rd Party-certified EN54-2/4 power supplies with 1.5A, 3A and 5A versions and cabinet size options for 2 x 7AH or 2 x 17AH batteries. The unique Engineer Data Logger simplifies and improves service visits.

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  • Power supplies suitable for CCTV systems

    CCTV requires stable images and Dycon's CCTV solutions can make your CCTV systems amongst the most stable in the market. Unique constant voltage units are available where tight voltage limits are specified

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  • Power supplies suitable for IP65 weather-proof installations

    Dycon has created a new IP65 climate-resistant housing system that can be used with the majority of its switched-mode power supply modules with or without battery back-up. The housing is suitable for most external locations.

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  • Power supplies suitable for DIN-Rail installations

    Dycon has a range of power supplies, with or without battery charging, that include DIN-Rail mountings for rapid installation into standard 7.5mm and 15mm DIN-Rails

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  • Power supply modules suitable for use in OEM and Custom-built Products

    In addition to its extensive standard range of boxed power supplies, Dycon also offers a full range of stand-alone power supply modules designed to be easily incorporated into 3rd party equipment or housings.

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  • Power supplies suitable for IP networks

    Dycon's unique Mid-Span PoE units utilise existing IP network cabling to deliver up to 35W per channel to power IP cameras, IP Access control units and other IP peripherals. Being silent in operation makes them ideal for installation in quiet areas

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  • Accessories for power supplies and installations

    A range of devices to enhance the performance of intruder, access control, CCTV, fire and building management systems

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  • Housings overview and sizing drawings

    Dycon has wide range of both metal & plastic housings to suit most applications

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  • 12VDC Rechargeable Batteries

    A range of 12VDC rechargeable batteries to provide stanbt supply in the event of mains failure

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