Dycon launches a new D25D60K2412 module to save installers time and money when fitting an extra 12VDC feed to 24VDC system

Installers of 24VDC systems often find that they also need a 12VDC power feed for other peripherals in the same system.

  The customary solution is to provide a separate 12VDC PSU and back up battery. Dycon's unique D25D60K2412 module does way with the need to have separate 12VDC and 24VDC PSU's to drive such systems, saving significant costs and installation time both at initial installation and during retrofits to existing 24VDC installations. The D25D60K2412 also removes the need to have separate battery to back-up the 12VDC device as it uses the already-connected 2 x 12VDC batteries supporting the 24VDC operation and provides additional full 12VDC back-up and fault indications A D25D60K2412 is simple to fit, the module has two-wires that connect to the PSU's 24VDC output and two that connect to the 12VDC's devices power input and requires no programming.

The modules wide range of input voltages, 15-36VDC, make it suitable for connecting to a whole variety of different electrical and electronic devices and the provides a full 3A at 12VDC, with a peak 5A for a short time.              

The D25D60K2412 has a tough aluminium body and has two fixing holes for M3 screws


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