• 4-way 'intelligent' electronically-fused output splitter
  • 8-way glass fused output splitter
  • 4-way glass fused BNC socket output splitter
  • Resettable, double-pole & triple-pole break-glass emergency door releases
  • Dual power supply units redundancy module
  • DIN-rail cradles
  • Anti-Tamper Switch Kits for Dycon housings

Dycon has a range of useful accessories, all designed to enhance the performance of systems

Dycon's accessory range provides simple solutions to some of the common, everyday problems that installers and specifiers face. Designed with simplicity in mind, they all feature clever use of technology to provide reliable, self-explanatory operation without the need for complicated additional training.                                      


Output Splitters 

Dycon's output splitters enable a single 12VDC or 24VDC output to be split into 4 or 8 separate channels to drive a wide variety of different devices. Two of the range are protected by 4 or 8 standard glass fuses which can be selected to suit the total current output, the third splitter has  4 electronic, self-resetting fuses which require no manual intervention as they reset once the problem has been eliminated. The D15X4-BNC utilises 4 BNC sockets to allow video signal loop-through as well as having separate DC voltage terminals to drive up to 4 CCTV cameras.

Emergency Door Releases 

One important area that often gets overlooked is the provision of reliable means of releasing locked on the inside of a building protected by an access control system, Dycon has two proven, dependable solutions that will put building operators' minds at rest. Both operate the same way and both are re-settable after activation. When the window is pressed, it slides down activating the call point switch and resulting in the door lock being released. Included in each pack is a special test key which allows the window to be returned to its original position thus resetting the call point. The triple-pole version interrupts both lines of supply for fail-safe locks and also allows for monitoring via access control and alarm systems as recommended by most fire departments.

Dual Power Supply Redundancy Unit

The D2500 Dual Power Supply Redundancy unit is a unique, practical solution to the problem of maintaining the 12-24Vdc supply to secure infrastructure systems where the unforeseen failure of single power supply unit would seriously damage the operation of that system. This unit, simply fitted between 2 standard 12Vdc or 24Vdc Dycon switched-mode power supply units, combines the two inputs into a single output and, in the case of failure of one unit, the other, automatically, and seamlessly, takes over. The D2500 works with any Dycon switched-mode power supply unit, 12Vdc or 24Vdc, with a maximum output current of 5A per unit. It also features 2 LEDs that provide visual feedback on the state of each input.

DIN-Rail Solutions

Increasingly, throughout the world, large buildings and construction sites concentrate low-voltage power distribution and services into DIN-Rail cabinets rather than having many separate boxes screwed to walls. To meet this demand, Dycon has 3 sizes of DIN-Rail mount cradles suitable for fitting a wide range of Dycon’s advanced technology, switched-mode power supply units into. Installation is simple, no need to drill holes or screw anything in place, simply clip the Dycon power module into the DIN-rail mount, clip the whole unit onto the DIN-Rail and connect the cable onto the clearly marked terminals. In addition to these cradles, Dycon also has the DR-60-series, comprising a 12VDC 2.5A and a 24VDC 4.4A power supply both contained within an integrated DIN-rail mounting for even more rapid installation and swap-over.

Housing Anti-Tamper Switch Kits - Dycon’s Housing Anti-Tamper Switch Kits are designed to provide front and back monitoring of PSU housings. These Anti-Tamper Switch Kits can be ordered for retrofit or pre-fitted with the supply of the housing. They are suitable for retrofitting to existing Dycon housings and provide EN50131 Grade 2 and Grade 3 compliance. The kit comprises of a microswitch with a unique extension bar, which will detect the removal of the housing from the wall, cable and a fixing screw. The volt-free contact is normally closed when the lid is shut and the fixing screw is in position. Removing the lid screw or prising the housing from the wall will cause the tamper switch to change from normally closed to normally open. The microswitch is intended for low voltage signalling contact use only, not heavy current loads.