• ProFix Standard Model (Steel) - Type XLB
  • 3 x Standard Models (Steel)- Types A, B, & C
  • 2 x Extra Large Models (Steel) - Types E & G
  • 2 x SpecialOEM/EN54 Models (Steel) - Types EN-M7 & EN-L17
  • 2 x 2U 19" Rack Models (Steel)
  • 1 x IP65 Climate-Resistant Model (ABS Plastic) - Type W Box
  • 2 x IP66 Models Climate-Resistant Models (ABS Plastic) - Types IP66 & IP66-LB

A Complete Range of Steel and ABS Plastic Housings for Dycon Power Supply Modules, Peripherals & 3rd Party Products


Shown above:  Standard Steel C Type Housing with 3 x LED indicators

Dycon Power Solutions works extensively with professional security/fire system installers and integrators to ensure that they have the right tools to deliver practical, workable, power solutions that enable their installations to be easily installed and operate reliably. Unlike many other suppliers who provide just one or two plain metal boxes, Dycon believes that the housing is an integral part of making an installation quicker and less prone to failure and has developed a range of different options to help an installer chose the right combination. Part of this thinking is ensuring, right at the start, that the power supply chosen has the right dimensions for the job, that it can fit the available wall space, that it will allow easy cable terminations, and also, have sufficient space to fit any requisite batteries. Coupled to this is the question of reliable front and/or back anti-tamper provision, the method of securing the cover/lid and, increasingly, the colour of the box. Dycon comprehensive Housing Range offers solutions to all these issues and complements the extensive range of Dycon power modules.



 Shown above: IP65 Climate Resistant ABS Plastic W-Type Housing with side-mounted, battery safety venting valve

Ample Space for Standby Batteries

 Often, other manufacturers only offer two housing sizes, that forces you to use one that might prove too small and you have to cramp everything in, or, one that is too big and leaves lots of wasted space, Dycon's extensive range of housings are designed to utilise space in the most economical way. That means that you need simply choose what battery or batteries you will actually need and then select the housing to suit that need.

Correct housing selection is easy:

1 - Determine how much power output you need 

2 - Calculated which standby battery requirements you will need

3 - Use the Dycon Quick Product Guide(QPG) to select the Dycon appropriate PSU module

4 - The  QPG shows you which size housings are available for that PSU

Some examples are shown below.

A-Box with a standard 7/8 Ah VRLA battery

B-Box fitted with 2 x 7/8Ah VRLA batteries

C-Box fitted with a 17Ah VRLA battery, there is still space for a 2nd 17Ah battery


ProFix XLB-Box fitted with a 7Ah VRLA battery and a Dycon D1555 12VDC 5A PSU, there is still space for a 2nd 7Ah battery or 2 x 17Ah batteries

IP65 W-Box with a 7Ah VRLA battery and a Dycon D1555 12VDC 5A PSU

EN-L17 Box fitted with 2 X 22Ah VRLA batteries and a Dycon EN54 3A PSU