• Simple, easy-to-fit single port injectors
  • 24VDC voltage adapter/splitter provides 24VDC (mimum 25W) from PoE Power
  • Modular Mid-Span unit 4-16 channels
  • 35W per channel, only draws current when a device demands it.
  • Virtually no heat created, so no noisy cooling fans
  • Ideal for installation in quiet environments, control rooms, guard stations.
  • Perfect for use in large houses where noise is a major consideration
  • Simple Plug&Play installation, no programming required

Dycon produces two different ways of powering IP devices over an IP Network

In addition to single port PoE injectors Dycon offers a unique modular Mid-Span PoE system, the D1800 series. 

D1800 series, a new concept on delivering IP power

The series includes 4, 8, 12 and 16 channel rack mounted 35W per channel power. Many people will use a PoE controller/switcher to be able to see, control and record images from a number of PoE cameras, unless you have specified a more expensive unit many of these lack sufficient power to drive all these options up to their capacity. The D1800 series do not have any switching facility and simply provide 35W of power as and when needed, and you can still use your switcher to do what it is best at, switching! Installation is straightforward, plug the camera into the in-channel RJ45 socket and plug the switcher into the out-RJ45 socket, no programming required!