• Suitable for use on 7.5mm and 15mm NS32-G and N35 DIN-Rails
  • Battery charging and non-battery charging versions available
  • 110VAC to 230VAC main input capability
  • 12VDC, 13.8VDC, 24VDC and 27.6VDC output voltage options
  • 0.5 Ampere to 5A ampere output capacity
  • Fully integrated 12VDC and 24VDC versions available
  • Special version for use with Dycon 8-way output splitter

Increasingly, throughout the world, large buildings and construction sites concentrate low-voltage power distribution and services into DIN-Rail cabinets, rather than having many separate boxes screwed to walls.


D1543-D 13.8VDC power supply with a battery charging fitted in a medium-sized cradle and mounted on a 7.5mm DIN-Rail

To meet this demand, Dycon has a wide range of advanced technology, switched-mode power supply units mounted into DIN-Rail cradles, and two fully integrated versions that do not need a separate cradle.


D7R75-24 24VDC power supply unit with an integrated DIN-Rail mount

These power supply units can provide output voltages of 12VDCand 24VDC for non-battery backed applications or  13.8VDC and  27.6VDC, where standby-battery charging capability is required. Output voltages of between  1  Amp and  5  Amps making them ideally suited for security,  fire, access control, and communications system applications as well as anything else that requires reliable power. Installation is simple, no need to drill holes or screw anything in place, simply clip the whole unit onto the DIN-Rail and connect the cables to the terminals.


DR-60-24 24VDC power supply unit with an integrated DIN-Rail mount