• Full range of 12VDC, 24VDC, 24VAC and 48VDC power supply modules
  • Battery charging capability for VRLA, lead-crystal and lithium-polymer batteries
  • Suitable for inclusion in 3rd party products or housings
  • Advanced switched-mode technology
  • Range of options including : -
  • Low battery detection and cut off,
  • Fault detection and outputs
  • Technical design assistance

Dycon understands power!



D2412-P, 24VDC 2A module with battery charging

Dycon offers a full design assistance programme to ensure that, whatever are your power requirements, you choose the right, economical and reliable product.

In addition to its extensive standard range of boxed power supplies, Dycon also offers a full range of stand-alone power supply modules designed to be easily incorporated into 3rd party equipment or housings. These include units specially configured to charge different battery types including VRLA, lead-crystal and lithium-polymer.

For very high power applications, the Dycon HS-600 is a switchable single power supply module that enables you to select 12VDC 50A or 24VDC 25A or 48VDC 12.5A outputs. It is fully protected against short-circuits, over-load, over-voltage and over-temperature, an integral fan provides the airflow required for higher currents.

HS-600, switchable 12VDC 50A or 24VDC 25A or 48VDC 12.5A outputs module



D1460-P 13.8VDC 9 x 1A or 1 X 10A, programmable outputs