• Specifically designed to provide solutions in all types of CCTV applications
  • 12/24VDC, 24VDC and adjustable, variable and constant-voltage versions
  • All DC versions use super-economical Dycon switched-mode technology
  • As virtually no heat is produced they require no cooling fans and, therefore, can be used in normally-quiet environments like control rooms or even domestic premises
  • Boxed stand-alone, IP66 weatherproof and PCB-only versions
  • Hi-power 10 x 1A units
  • Rack-mounted modular 4-16 channel Mid-span Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) system
  • Single port PoE injectors
  • 3 x sizes of tough steel housings and 2 x sizes of IP66 weatherproof units

In addition to the standard Dycon switched-mode power supplies, we also offer a specialist CCTV/Video system power supply range

Dycon, a real innovation supplier....

It is too easy just to make standard power supplies and badge them as 'CCTV PSUs' but that ignores the fact that, too often, CCTV/Video systems have special requirements that require more. The result is that too many of these systems fail to live up to the hype and the user's experience is less than satisfactory. At Dycon, as  major OEM supplier to many international companies, we work closely with manufacturers, specifiers and installers alike to identify these problems and develop ways of combating them. Take for instance the well-known problem of spurious interference lines on a CCTV picture. An installer will try everything to identify the source, he'll try expensive screened cable, he'll change cameras, he might even try steel conduit to further screen the installation , all to no avail. But the reason for this interference is simple, most CCTV cameras operate on 50Hz, so do most PSUs! Result? Spurious interference causing lines on your screen!

Dycon lateral thinking.......

All Dycon PSUs operate on 66Hz. Result? No interference, ever! Simply fit Dycon PSUs on any CCTV installation and you can get on with making that system really useful for the end-user.

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)Solutions

In addition to single point PoE injectors Dycon offers a unique modular Mid-Span PoE system, the D1800 series.  The series includes 4, 8, 12 and 16 channel rack mounted 35W per channel power. Many people will use a PoE controller/switcher to be able to see, control and record images from a number of PoE cameras, unless you have specified a more expensive unit many of these lack sufficient power to drive all these options up to their stated capacity. The D1800 series units do not have any switching facility, they simply provide 35W of power as and when needed, and you can still use your switcher to do what it is best at, switching! Installation is straightforward, plug the camera into the in-channel RJ45 socket and plug the switcher into the out-RJ45 socket, no programming required!