• 12VDC, 24VDC, 27VDC and 24VAC general-purpose power supplies
  • 'Greener' advanced switched-mode technology
  • Electronic fuse protection restores power automatically after intermittent power faults,
  • 8 x individually-fused and LED-indicated or 4 x BNC output splitter options
  • DIN-rail mounted versions.
  • Choice of 6 x steel, 2 x IP66 & 1 x IP65 plastic housings available
  • Available in PCB-only versions for inclusion inside customers' own products

A full range of advanced technology, general purpose power supplies with or without battery charging capability

Innovative! Dycon's advanced technology

  • Very little heat produced compared to linear power supplies means they can be installed almost anywhere without the need for noisy cooling fans
  • Unique battery charging feature reduces strain on batteries, thus prolonging their life
  • Self-resetting electronic fuses auto-reset after problem goes away, helping reduce engineer call outs
  • Anti-'spike' filtering protects access system from downtime due to blown fuses caused by electric/magnetic door releases
  • Dycon 'green' technology can save electricity. Typically a Dycon switched-mode 1A unit can save up to 194KWh p.a. compared to an old fashioned technology version.
  • A useful way of reducing the carbon footprint of sites with lots of older units in-situ is to simply remove the existing PCB and fit a new Dycon version in its place, no need to change the housing.

Driving Down Service Costs.......

All units have protection from AC input surges and transients, under and over AC power, over-heating and over-current, battery-reverse connection and over-current battery charge, substantially removing the need for engineer visits to rectify such problems.

And Batteries to match.........

Dycon Power Solutions can also supply a range of Yucel™ 12V batteries from Yuasa™;  these have been specially selected to complement the advanced features of Dycon's extensive range of power supplies described above They provide reliable standby power from 2.1Ah, 7Ah, 17Ah, 24Ah to 38Ah for all intruder, access control, fire, CCTV and building management systems. 

Delivered to your door.....

As well as supplying individual batteries, Dycon has an all-in-one service designed to ensure that you always have the right equipment when going to site. Simply specify the battery you require when ordering a Dycon power supply and it will be included, together with that unit and the correct battery cable, when we ship it to your designated address

Download the Master Product Guide 

Use the tab on the right to download a copy of the easy-to-read Master Product Guidet which lists all general-purpose units by voltage output and by current output.

Dimensions of the six mild-steel, two plastic IP66 and one plastic IP65 housing currently available

Housing Type Width Height Depth Weight
'A' box steel 168 mm 238 mm 90 mm 1.1 kg
'B' box steel 315 mm 260 mm 90 mm 1.9 kg
LB+ box steel 400mm 290mm 90mm 2.2 kg
'C' box steel 425 mm 345 mm 90 mm 3.3 kg
'E' box steel 495 mm 410 mm 90 mm 5.8 kg
'G' box steel 690 mm 455 mm 120 mm 8.5 kg
IP65 box medium 245 mm 195 mm 90 mm 0.47 kg
IP66 box  small 180mm 180mm 90mm 0.435 kg
IP66 box large 254mm 180mm 90mm 0.55 kg

Larger Steel Housings, even more space......

The larger, 'E' and 'G' type steel housing have been specifically designed for use in projects where additional space is required for 3rd party modules, extra batteries or additional cabling. 

Dycon Pro-Fix advanced steel housing

Dycon's advanced Pro-Fix LB+ box offers an innovative solution to installing units in areas with restricted space or access. Removable side panels make cabling simple and its unique solution for providing 230VAC mains power, without the need for a specialist electrician, saves both time and money. The LB+ box is available for many of the standard Dycon power supply modules, check the Master Product Guide to see if your requirement is covered.