52 comprehensive, fully detailed drawings, designed to help system planners and installers, have been added to Dycon Power Solutions website

Installers often need more accurate size and dimension data before they start planning a new system. To make this decision simpler and to aid system designers, Dycon recently commissioned a series of fully detailed product drawings.

The first series consisting of 52 of its most popular housings and power supply modules have now been added to the Dycon Power Solutions website, forthcoming updates will cover the remaining products. The housing drawings show every fixing position, knockouts, LED positions and PCB mounting holes. The power supply versions show all connectors and their markings, LED's and fixing holes. You can check out these drawings  by going to www.dyconpower.com/downloads and clicking 'Dycon Housings' or  'Dimensions and Connections Drawings'

A sample showing a D2412 24VDC 2A power supply module can be downloaded below

Download file