Dycon expands the European distribution network for its EN54 fire system power supply markets by appointing Promatt Elektronika as its Hungarian Distributor

To increase product availability throughout Mainland Europe, Dycon Power Solutions Ltd is happy to welcome Promatt Elektronika KFT of Budapest (Hungary) to the Dycon EU fire distribution network. Available under the Dycon brand, Promatt now offers Dycon EN54-4 1.5A, 3A and 5A certified units.

These EN54-4 power supplies all feature advanced technology that improves performance and system reliability, they are fully certified by Intertek to EN54-4, CPD and have an LSS Tick Mark certificate. In addition, Dycon also has 7 x 24VDC 1A, 2A and 3A power units designed to provide reliable operation for systems that use magnetic fire door retainers and other 24VDC system peripherals.

Promatt Elektronika KFT can be contacted at 1116 Budapest, Hauszmann Alajos u. 9-11. Hungary. Telephone: (+36-1) 205-2385. Fax: (+36-1) 205-2387 eMail: info@promatt.hu