Dycon Power Solutions release a unique 24VDC power supply unit for use in EN50131/PD6662:2012 Grade 2 and Grade 3 intruder alarm systems

Dycon Power Solutions Ltd has just released the D2421-C, a 24VDC switched-mode power supply unit which conforms to the requirements of EN50131/PD6662:2012 at Grade 2 and Grade 3.

Most existing compliant power supply units only offer 12VDC outputs but, due to the increasing use of 24VDC access control and CCTV additions within integrated systems, there is now a need for graded 24VDC versions as well. The Dycon D2421-C is designed to fill that need providing a full 3.7A (100W) continuous current to the output and the battery at a voltage of 26.6VDC to 27.4VDC and is fully compliant with both Grade 2 and Grade 3 of PD6662/EN50131-6.

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