With the introduction of its new DR-60-series integral DIN Rail mounted units, Dycon now offers installers 10 different types of DIN Rail mounted power supplies

Dycon has launched two new DIN Rail mounted power supplies, DR-60-12, a 12VDC option and DR-60-24, a 24VDC equivalent

http://www.dyconpower.com/product/power-supplies-for-use-on-75mm-and-15mm-standard-din-rails.phpBoth units have a multi-voltage, 90-264VAC input with the DR-60-12 giving an output of 4.5A and the DR-60-24 and output of 2.5A. They feature Over-Load protection via an electronic self-resetting fuse and Over-Voltage protection to ensure maximum operational ability and also have a potentiometer to enable you to adjust the output voltage ±10%, a useful feature if cable-related voltage drop is an issue. 

These two new switched-mode units come with their own integral housing which features a standard DIN Rail mount, installation is quick and simple, clip the unit straight onto the DIN Rail and connect.  

 DR-60-12, 12VDC 4.5A power supply

The addition of the two DR-60 series units brings Dycon's total DIN Rail mounted options to 10; 5 x 13.8VDC versions with battery charging and output capacities from 1-5A; 1 x 24VDC 1A unit without battery charging and 1 x 27.6VDC 3A unit with battery charging. To complement all these, 2  x DIN Rail mounted 8 channel Output splitter units, which can be connected to any of the power supplies, is also available.  

For further information on the full Dycon range of DIN Rail power supplies, please go to the Product Section.



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