Dycon Power Solutions, the Wales-based developer and manufacturer of advance technology power supplies, has issued a new chart to help installers select the right sized housing for any installation

Many other makers of power supply units only offer one or two different size options and even less when it comes to weather-resistant versions

Dycon Power Solutions works extensively with Professional security and fire integrators to ensure that they have the right tools to deliver practical, workable power solutions to enable their installations to work seamlessly. Part of this service is ensuring, right at the start, that the power supply chosen has the right dimensions for the job, that it can fit the available space, that it will  allow easy cable terminations, and also, have sufficient space to fit any requisite batteries.

The new Dycon size chart enables an installer to quickly check the external dimensions of any of the Dycon range of 9 mild steel housings and its popular IP65 weather-resistant ABS version. Having selected a housing, a quick check with the Dycon Master Product table will show which Dycon Power Supply module is available to fit that size.




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